Housing Opportunities for Military and Emergency Services

About Us

We have police officers, paramedics, firefighters, medical professionals, and active military reservists all on our team.

Many members of our team have served our community for years prior to coming to work in real estate.

Meet Our Team

We want to give back to those who are constantly giving.

HOMES (Housing Opportunities for Military and Emergency Services) by MFT is founded on helping those who give so much of themselves to help others. Now we want to be able to help them find their dream home and while offering affordable options and incentives for their service.

A Longstanding History

Our team already has a long standing history of servicing many emergency responders, nurses, paramedics, police officers, and military service personnel, and with this new program, we are excited to help so many more.

We are going to give back to these HEROES who are constantly keeping our community safe.

Moving Expenses

HOMES by Matt Fetick Team wants to help cover the costs of moving expenses for our local heroes.

Vendors for Repairs

We want to connect our heroes with only the best and most reliable vendors for repairs.

Home Inspections Discounts

Contribution back to your organization in your name!

Work With Our Preferred Lender

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Who’s Eligible

Military (Active or Retired)

Law Enforcement

Firefighter (Career or Volunteer)

Paramedic/EMT (Career or Volunteer)


Medical Assistant/Technician

Organizations We’ve Helped

Request Information

Use the form below or call (610) 427-4420. or email HOMESbyMFT@fetickteam.com